Re bottle IBC Tank consists of products where the plastic bottles in the interior of the container are newly produced, and the pallet and cage system on the outside are renewed. The internal plastic parts are new (new), and the cage and pallet systems are used, thus offering an economical alternative for the storage of products. While it provides the same storage and transportation opportunities as IBC Tanks that have never been used before, it is also more economical since the cage section is second hand (refurbished, used).

Environmentally friendly IBCs are suitable for recyclable use many times. Wooden, Metal, Plastic pallet options are available. Re Bottle IBC tank is highly resistant to chemicals and does not interact with any acidic or basic substances. For this reason, it is rapidly becoming one of the most preferred transportation methods for the transportation of chemicals. IBC is produced from high molecular, high density polyethylene stabilized against ultraviolet rays. Resistant to rust and corrosion, safe to use. The steel cage, produced by electronically controlled welding from 360 different points on the body and its surroundings, provides strong strength and durability.