With you since 1976…


approved by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry

We do our job carefully in all ministry-approved services we provide without harming the nature.

protects our natural

As Can Varil, we must protect our natural resources for a sustainable life, we support recycling and love our nature.

contributes to the economy

As Can Varil, we choose our investments correctly and help the economy by recycling waste materials.

contributes to the development of the country

As Can Varil, we bring plenty of foreign currency to the country and relieve the domestic market through our purchases and sales in foreign trade.


Having caught up with the knowledge and technology required by the day, Can Varil
continues to be a pioneer in the sector.


who are we?

Founded in 1976, Can Varil undertakes its duties and responsibilities in the recycling field of Turkey in the best way by increasing its current capacity and business planning in the refurbished barrel and IBC tank sector day by day. It is an undeniable fact that renewed packaging protects the environment and contributes to the country’s economy. Aiming for this mission, Can Varil is among the first companies to receive licenses and permits from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry.